Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rielle Hunter you are a hag.

Hey hot conservatives,

Baby Elephant here with the latest dish on jackassery. If you haven't heard by now, John Edwards, the Democratic Party's poster boy for Family Values, has *GASP* been caught having an affair. Get ready for spin control that won't even come close to stopping the bullet from this political suicide gun. The National Enquirer was the first to report the scandalous deets. I'll give you the highlights and have some fun bashing the mistress/babymomma/haggy/whore Rielle Hunter.

UGLY 1) $114,000 was paid for Rielle to produce videos for Edwards' campaign.
Excellent use of Campaign Funds Senator Edwards! It's completely ETHICAL to pay your whore a little extra for f*cking the boss. Did the time sheet say "candidate research" or "private conference"?

UGLY 2) Andrew Young, a Edward's Support claims to be the baby father.
Keep in mind, Young has a wife and 3 kids. Cover-up? Check yes. Either this lady is shameless targeting married men, or a lying tranny that would allow someone’s family reputation to be crushed for the well being of a hypocritical politician. Either way someone is morally bankrupt.

UGLY 3) Rielle was supposedly living in an Edwards supporter's home in the exclusive North Carolina gated community of Governors Club, and driving a BMW SUV registered in Young's name.

Hey, if your gonna blackmail someone go big. Props to Rielle Hunter for setting such a good example for influential teens everywhere. Yes, if you trick a man into adultery while his wife has CANCER, and then skip a few birth control pills you too can have that mansion, luxury car, and all your dreams come true. BUT ohh there’s one flaw in the design. That dream husband... will never be yours. Ouch. Remember to wear your Scarlet A in public.

UGLY 4) The Hush Money Continues!
Yeah! No paternity test for you, no need. We already know. But its not like honesty is going to save you now. Watch out though, because we all are aware that as soon as the paternity test reveals Edwards is the real dad your Money Train STOPS. So hold out as long as you can, cause I get the feeling that a campaign finance investigation is going to lead your baby daddy getting anally raped. NOOO not by you! in jail! God Bless America.

UGLY 5) You work for liberals, you sleep with liberals, you must be a liberal...
SO you're disgusting. Thank you for becoming this generations Monica Lewinsky. Your almost that fat, but facially I'm going to say you side more on the Linda Tripp scale. I feel sorry for your Baby, little Frances who will grow up to be a prostitute, with bucket teeth, and no soul. Momma has taught her well.

Yet another reason why morality in America is rapidly dying. You can thank a liberal.

baby e.

P.S. Gross gross gross spending all day hearing about Rielle liberal prostitute Hunter, I'm going to call the crew, go to the pool, and take some pics for Monday's hot conservative of the week. Until then remember, only conservatives keep it HOT! ;)

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